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1:21-3911 Jan 98 amThe Holy One (MT) S
1:29 - 2:56 Jun 99 amGreater than these (MT) S
1:40-4519 Apr 15 amThe gentle touch (MT) S
1:40-4510 Sep 00 amThe Special Touch (MT) S
2:1-1214 May 06 amFrom paralysis to pardon (MT) S
315 Oct 95 amWho does Jesus think he is? (MT) S
3:20-349 Aug 09 pmMark 3:20 - 34 (MT) S
3:20-357 May 17 amWho are my mother and brothers? (MT) S
3:20-3517 Oct 04 amProblem relatives (MT) S
3:20-3530 Apr 17 rsWho are my mother and brothers? (MT) S
4:1-201 Feb 98 amThe Sower (MT) S
4:35-4114 May 17 amWho is this the storms obey? (MT) S
4:35-4118 Jun 17 rsWho is this the storms obey? (MT) S
5:1-2030 Mar 08 amHealing of the Gerasene Demoniac (MT) S
5:1-2016 Oct 05 pmThe compassion of the Son (MT) S
5:1-2018 Jul 99 amSetting the Captives Free (MT) S
5:21-4331 Oct 04 amFacing the future (MT) S
5:21-4317 Feb 19 pmThe reliability of Jesus (MT) S
5:21-433 May 15 amLife from the dead (MT) S
5:24-343 Oct 04 amFailing faith (MT) S
6:30-4417 May 15 amThe Feast (MT) S
6:30-4431 Jan 10 amThe promised shepherd (MT) S
6:30-4419 Dec 04 amThe trap of cynicism (MT) S
6:45-5312 Dec 04 amGood timing / God's timing (MT) S
6:45-5117 Oct 10 amProvidence and trials (MT) S
7:31 - 8:2126 Feb 12 pmSpeak up, I'm deaf! (MT) S
7:31-3713 Feb 11 rsThe man who couldn't hear (MT) S
7:31-374 Jul 99 amThe deaf hear (MT) S
8:22-2613 Jun 99 amThe blind receive their sight (MT) S
9:14 - 29:1412 Nov 00 amA desperate situation (MT) S
9:14-2917 Apr 05 pmBeing rich when you are poor (MT) S
9:14-2925 Jun 17 amHow long shall I put up with you? (MT) S
10:1-3125 Mar 12 pmVIP passes (MT) S
10:17-319 Jul 17 amWhy do you call me good? (MT) S
10:17-3123 Jul 17 rsWhy do you call me good? (MT) S
10:32-4515 Feb 98 amThe Servant King (MT) S
10:46-523 Dec 00 amNo holding back (MT) S
10:46-522 Aug 15 pmEvening service (MT) S
12:28-3430 Jul 17 amWhich is the greatest commandment? (MT) S
13:1-378 Mar 98 amThe Christ (MT) S
14:1 - 11:1417 Dec 00 amCostly Love (MT) S
15:21-4126 Jul 15 amLove triumphant (MT) S
16:1-85 Apr 98 amThe Conqueror (MT) S

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