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113 Dec 15 amHe came (MT) S
1:1-144 Dec 05 pmThe True Meaning of Christmas (MT) S
1:1-184 Oct 09 pmThe glory of his deity (MT) S
1:1-1421 Dec 08 pmCarol service (MT) S
1:43-519 Sep 07 pmThe Persuader (MT) S
3:16-2126 Jan 03 amFamily Service (MT) S
3:16-2119 Nov 06 pmWhat's the choice? (MT) S
419 Oct 97 pmIndependence Day (MT) S
4:1-3030 May 04 amThe encounter (MT) S
4:1-2624 Sep 17 amTrue satisfaction (MT) S
5:1-308 Oct 17 amTrue rest (MT) S
5:1-156 Jun 04 amThe complaint (MT) S
5:16-307 Oct 07 pmThe Apprentice (MT) S
6:25-4026 Nov 95 amI am the real bread (MT) S
722 Oct 17 amTrue drink (MT) S
7:37 - 8:111 Nov 09 pmThe glory of his compassion (MT) S
8:1-1117 Jun 07 pmSummer in the City guest service (MT) S
8:1-1119 Sep 04 amOvercoming shame (MT) S
8:2-1121 Oct 18 pmFreedom in Forgiveness - Guest service (MT) S
95 Nov 17 amTrue sight (MT) S
10:1-2120 Aug 06 pmEvening service (MT) S
10:1-2126 Mar 00 amJesus the Shepherd (MT) S
1112 Nov 17 rsTrue life (MT) S
1126 Nov 17 amTrue life (MT) S
11:1-4427 Mar 05 pmEaster Praise (MT) S
11:1-4416 Apr 00 amJesus the Resurrection (MT) S
11:1-5318 Nov 07 pmThe Resurrection (MT) S
12:1-1120 Jun 04 amThe gratitude (MT) S
12:20-5010 Dec 17 amTrue judgement (MT) S
13:18-3019 Jul 98 amJesus Condemns a Hard Heart (MT) S
14:1-1411 Oct 98 amThe Revealer (MT) S
14:1-143 Jun 12 amThe way, the truth and the life (MT) S
14:5-724 Apr 05 amFinding the way (MT) S
14:15-316 Jan 08 amThe Gift (MT) S
14:15-3128 Oct 07 rsThe last gift (MT) S
14:25-3230 Jan 11 pmThe peace (MT) S
15:1-176 Feb 11 pmThe vine (MT) S
15:1-172 Dec 07 pmThe Vine (MT) S
15:26-2718 Sep 16 pmThe witness (MT) S
17:1-521 Mar 04 pmReal life (MT) S
17:1-515 Nov 09 pmThe glory of his cross (MT) S
17:13-182 Jun 13 amCleansing truth (MT) S
18:1-1130 Oct 05 pmThe triumph of the Son (MT) S
20:19-3116 Apr 06 amEaster Day Family Communion (MT) S
20:24-3131 Mar 02 amEaster day (MT) S

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