Prayer points

Central Prayer meeting 29/4/20

Pray that we would know how to pray

We watched this video (full unedited version is available here.)

  • Thank God for the privilege of prayer
  • Praise Him as our Creator and Redeemer.
  • Give thanks for His many good gifts we enjoy.
  • Praise Him for His many provision.
  • Cry out to Him for your specific needs.

For Derek and Jane French in Bilbao

  • For families, church members & school contacts who have loved ones who have passed away due to the corona virus. That God would gave us wisdom as we try to comfort them.
  • Pray for Eduardo, Ana, Jane and myself as we continue pastoring the local churches in this time of fear and uncertainty that we may point people to our God of all comfort.
  • Pray for those still battling with the virus and for the frontline/essential workers as they bravely risk their lives day to day to help the country get through this.
  • For opportunities to share Christ, our true hope.  Give thanks for the 2 new Life Explored course that Bilbao International Church are running on a weekly basis and for those who are seeking.
  • For GBU and Andamio (publishing house) as they seek to move forward despite financial hardships caused by the book warehouse fire and lockdown (donations are down).
Derek was due to go for an operation on his right ear just before the lockdown. (The first operation was not a success). Pray that God would give strength and grace as his ear is quite inflamed.


International work

  • Grow in Christ in the teaching of the Apostles
    Serve one another - refined NOT fearful
  • International Home Group
  • Congolese @ SJN
  • African Boys Bible Study
  • ESL
  • Iranian’s @ SJN
    Transfers-Bible Studies
  • Mission Committee
  • Pastoring
  • Material economic support  
  • Mahabba Pray for Muslims

Use the remainder of our time asking God to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

We used Galatians 5:22-23 in your Bibles and the words of the song ‘Holy Spirit, Truth Divine.’ to pray for one another and the ministries of the church

Holy Spirit, Truth Divine - Author: Samuel Longfellow

Holy Spirit, truth divine,
dawn upon this soul of mine.
Voice of God and inward light,
wake my spirit, clear my sight.

Holy Spirit, love divine,
glow within this heart of mine.
Kindle every high desire,
purify me with your fire.

Holy Spirit, power divine,
fill and nerve this will of mine.
Boldly may I always live,
bravely serve, and gladly give.

Holy Spirit, law divine,
reign within this soul of mine.
Be my law, and I shall be
firmly bound, forever free.

Holy Spirit, peace divine,
still this restless heart of mine.
Speak to calm this tossing sea,
grant me your tranquility.

Holy Spirit, joy divine,
gladden now this heart of mine.
In the desert ways I sing–
spring, O Living Water, spring!