Prayer points

Central Prayer meeting

Children and Youth:


General Prayers:

  • For the children and families not to be anxious in uncertain times, but keep thinking on the many certain promises of God in his word.
  • For parents trying to work from home, with children around; patience and love
  • For families struggling to make ends meet to know God's provision
  • For thankful hearts for the many blessings we have in this country and church family.
  • For the resources we make for families and send out during this time, to be used by whole families to worship God together and be drawn closer to him and each other in love.
  • Thank God for the technology we have that means we can stay in contact during this coronavirus time.

SJN Adventurers Prayer Points: (Weds/Sun Year 4-6)

  • Thanks for the safety and enthusiasm of the children during our time over at the school.
  • Give thanks for the NCC space and the children being able to piece together the bible overview topic despite the venue changes.
  • Pray that their enthusiasm for responding would be channelled appropriately and that they would begin to look out for the needs of others over self.

Tuesday group crèche: (Tues Pre-School)

  • Thank God for the volunteers who allow Tuesday group to have a crèche
  • Pray for a regular, committed group of helpers who knit well together as a team
  • Thank God that in general the children settle well - pray this continues


SJN Crèche: (Sun 0-2yrs)

  • Thank God for the safe arrivals this year and pray for those on their way!
  • Praise God that the children are settling well allowing parents to go and hear God's word faithfully preached
  • Thank God for a great team who serve well together

SJN Toddler Group: (Fri Pre-school and Carers)

  • Thanks for new people coming all the time and that they find the group welcoming and friendly 
  • Pray for continued building of relationships and for more opportunities to share our faith and for us to be an openly Christian group 
  • Pray for the future of toddler group as we plan to move into the new building and consider how we run toddler group in the future.



SJN Climbers: (Sun 4-6yrs)


  • Praise God for the new building and lots of space in which to enjoy our sessions learning about God.
  • Thank God for evidence of spiritual growth in some children, shown by the way they are engaging with the Bible truths. Pray for them all to grow in love and knowledge of God.
  • Please pray for the 6 newly turned 4 year olds joining us, and the steady stream of children from new families, to settle in well.



SJN Scramblers: (Sun 2-3yrs)

  • We are teaching the children the 10 commandments over the past and next couple of weeks, please help the teachers to teach it in a way two and three year olds will learn and remember them.
  • Pray for the new starters to scramblers that they settle in well and quickly. 
  • Please give thanks for the number of children we have in scramblers and the regular attendance of most of the children. We have 25 children on our books at the moment. Praise God.


SJN Mini Music: (Mon Pre-school and Carers)

  • Thank God for the Christian mums who commit to mini music and build friendships with others. Pray that these friendships will lead the non-Christian mums to Jesus.
  • Pray for wisdom as we consider organising the group and how best to run it.
  • Thank God for Beryl Carey over the years and Lynn Harmer who has now committed to helping every week. They have been such an amazing help and support.


SJN Discoverers: (Weds/Sun Year 2-3)

  • Give thanks to God for the number of children who come each week and for the provision of our own space due to the new building He has generously given us.
  • Pray that the order and significance of the biblical stories we teach them each week will stick with the children as we continue through an overview of the Bible this year
  • Please pray that through hearing the scripture being taught each week they may come to know God and trust him alone for their salvation.



RS Climbers: (Sun Year R-2)

  • Praise God for this energetic group of boys! Pray that the team would come up with creative and fun ways of engaging them with true stories from the Bible.
  • Pray that they would form good friendships with each other, that as they grow up they would point each other to Christ.
  • Pray for those moving up from Rockets that they would settle quickly.


RS Explorers: (Sun Year 3-6)

  • Praise God for a consistent group of children who come each week. Pray that they would be seeing really clearly who God is and how much He loves His people as we work the Bible overview!
  • Pray that the team would think wisely and creatively about how to teach big gospel truths in simple and clear ways.

Engage: (Mon Year 6-13)

  • Praise God for the growth He is giving us in Engage and the opportunity to increase in numbers and personal friendships
  • Praise God that the older girls who are now leading their own study are developing deeper friendships through opening Gods word together regularly and discussing in an open and honest way
  • Pray that God will give the girls a deeper desire to concentrate and mull over the word of God and apply it to their lives
  • Pray that God will continue to work in their lives, making them intentional in conversation and personal devotion to love and know Jesus better


RS ABC: (Thurs Pre-School and Carers)

  • There have been smaller numbers recently, pray that when we return after the break, more families would come along.
  • Give thanks for answer to prayer in the Kid's club letting us adjust the time.
  • Pray that we will have wisdom to use our Facebook page well over the coming weeks - we are hoping to post the story and crafts on there each week (using Beginners Bible etc).


RS Mini Music: (Wed Pre-School and Carers)

  • Give thanks for a large group of committed families and a lovely atmosphere each week
  • Pray that the message I sent out will challenge the parents and send them to God for answers.
  • Pray that we would be able to support the group members as necessary and show God's love to them at this time.

Revealed: (Weds @Sirius North School)

  • Thank God for the regular group of students coming. Some are part of a church and some have no Christian input apart from Revealed.
  • Pray that as students read about Jesus in the bible passages we use they would be increasing convinced that he is their Lord and God.


Boys BS: (Thurs Year 7-13)

  • Praise God for the hunger the boys have for studying God’s Word, and their desire to grow in knowledge of the truth.
  • Pray that they would be more focussed during the studies and not get distracted.
  • Pray that they would approach God’s Word with humility, and that they would treat each other with humility.

Pathfinders: (Fri/Sun Year 7-9)

  • Praise God for the number of unchurched youth coming on Fridays. Pray that they would have a deeper, clearer understanding of the gospel as they come each week.
  • Praise God for the eagerness and enthusiasm of many of the Pathfinders. Pray that God would grow the Pathfinders in excitement for His Word.
  • Pray that the Christian Pathfinders would set an example to the others in their attitude to God, his Word, and each other.


Mark2: (Fri/Sun Year 10-13)

  • Praise God for the good relationships between the Mark2ers and each other, and with the leaders.
  • Pray as we move our Friday sessions into the new building after Easter – pray for wisdom practically and that the move would reinvigorate the group to be inviting their friends along.
  • Pray that those who come on Sundays would be encouraged by meeting together to open up God’s Word. Pray that we would have fruitful discussions that would equip them for the week. And please pray that we’d see more of them coming along consistently and ready to engage with the Bible teaching.
  • Praise God for the spiritual maturity that many of them are showing and that they would continue to grow whilst we can’t meet in person.

RS Rockets (Sun Pre-School)

  • Please give thanks for the group that has gelled and are happy to be there.
  • Thanks for newer families becoming more committed.
  • Please pray for the families of children newer to church to love and choose to follow Jesus.
  • Please pray for those moving up and those staying to have a growing hunger for God's Word and to delight in him.