Home Groups & Prayer Meetings

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During term-time, we meet together mid-week in smaller groups to support each other, learn from God’s Word and to pray in a way which is more informal and intimate. One week we meet in Home Groups and the next for Prayer Meetings (see the timetable below - the pattern varies occasionally).

Prayer Meetings - fortnightly on Wednesday evening from 8-9pm in church, repeated on Thursday mornings from 10-11am in the Newland Christian Centre. A short Bible reading and time of worship is followed by updates about different topics. We then pray about these topics in groups of about four to six - people can pray out loud or silently.

Home Groups - in alternate weeks we meet in church members' homes on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings or Thursday mornings to study the Bible and pray. Home Groups also create networks for providing practical support and sharing with each other in the joys of our faith as well as the hard times. If you have not yet joined one of our Home Groups, have a word with one of the ministers or email .

Spring Term Programme

Studies in 1 Thessalonians: The Model Church

As part of his second missionary journey, the apostle Paul visited Thessalonica, the provincial capital of the province of Macedonia and the seat of the Roman Governor. Paul only spent about three weeks there and was concerned that the small flame that was the Thessalonian Church might have been snuffed out in the rising tide of surrounding hostility (1 Thess. 2:17-18). He dispatched Timothy back to Thessalonica to assess the state of the church there (1 Thess. 3:1-2). Eventually Timothy returned to Paul and gave him the encouraging news that the church was flourishing in spite of opposition – in fact it stood as an example for all the other churches – we could say it was the ‘model church’.

1 Thessalonians was written (c. 50AD) in response to Timothy's great news. The letter praises the church for its conduct and commitment to Jesus and the saints, and encourages them not to sit back on their laurels. 1 Thessalonians is a message for all of us to not coast or sit back on our past achievements but to spur one another on as a church family, to become more ‘Christ-like’ and bring glory to his name. 

To get the most out of these studies, we are encouraged to prayerfully look at the questions before we meet together.

The Bible Project offers a helpful introduction and a detailed explanation of the NIV text is available here.

Copies of the Home Group booklet are available in church and from Home Group leaders or you can downlaod a copy here.



Programme for Home Groups and Prayer Meetings - Spring term

8 Jan

Central Prayer Meeting

14/15/16 Jan HG Study 1 - Prayer Modelled

22 Jan

Central Prayer Meeting

28/29/30 Jan

HG Study 2 - The Signs of the Model Church

5 Feb

Central Prayer Meeting

11/12/13 Feb HG Study 3 - The Roles of a Model Missionary

19 Feb (half term)

Central Prayer Meeting

25/26/27 Feb

HG Study 4 - The Model of Christian Care

4 Mar

Central Prayer Meeting

10/11/12 Mar

HG Study 5 - The Model Holy Loving Family

18 Mar

Central Prayer Meeting

14/25/26 Mar HG Study 6 - A Call to Hope and Alertness
1 Apr Central Prayer Meeting

"There is always a great buzz about the Central Prayer Meeting and it is a helpful way of keeping up to speed with the many different ways we are engaging with the local community." Anne Crick