Giving money to support the work in the parish and beyond

“There is… another trait which not only delights our heavenly Father’s heart but also reflects that heart, and that is the generosity of giving.”

Loving generosity is at the heart of God
Loving generosity is the heart of God’s people

The video below shows the fruit of joyful giving

If you are part of the church family, please...

  • Give regularly
  • Review your giving annually

There are three broad areas where our money is spent:

  • Ministry
  • Buildings
  • Mission

The route for giving:

The ministry is primarily funded through The Newland Christian Trust (a registered charity) which funds most of the staff and much of our ministry; it also enables our mission giving.

For more detail on how the money is spent, and how to direct your giving please download a booklet giving more detail on giving.

Giving in 2 simple steps

1. Prayerfully review your giving and decide how to direct it.

2. Let us know what you are going to give using the links below

If you need to get in touch to discuss your giving, please use the email links below

Giving to the NCT - Email

Giving to the PCC - Email

or Contact Us