Children and Young People

Our children's groups can't meet physically at the moment due to the Coronavirus but we are still getting together for fun meetings on Zoom. Please contact your group leader to find out how to join.

In addition, each week we're making downloadable Family Worship Packs. It'd be great to set aside time each Sunday to do this together.

"Suit Up!" session 1 (17/5/20): Suit_Up_Session_1.pdf

"Suit Up!" session 2 (24/5/20): Suit_Up_Session_2.pdf

"Suit Up!" session 3 (31/5/20): Suit_Up_Session_3.pdf

"Suit Up!" session 4 (7/6/20): Suit_Up_Session_4.pdf

"Suit Up!" session 5 (14/6/20): Suit_Up_Session_5.pdf

"Suit Up!" session 6 (21/6/20): Suit_Up_Session_6.pdf

"Suit Up!" session 7 (28/6/20): Suit_Up_Session_7.pdf

"Suit Up!" session 8 (5/7/20): Suit_Up_Session_8.pdf

The "Keep on Keepin' on" packs we used earlier:

Session 1 (22/3/20): Keep_On_Session_1.pdf

Session 2 (29/3/20): Keep_on_Session_2.pdf

Session 3 (5/4/20): Keep_on_Session_3.pdf

Session 4 (19/4/20): Keep_on_Session_4.pdf

Session 5 (26/4/20): Keep_on_Session_5.pdf

Session 6 (3/5/20): Keep_on_Session_6.pdf

Session 7 (10/5/20): Keep_on_Session_7.pdf

We've also put together a list of resources which you might find useful during this time which can be found here

Children are an important part of St John's.

We run groups for children from 0 to 18 on Sundays and throughout the week, where we teach them about God from the Bible in fun and engaging ways.

Activities at St John's church

(Riverside Church lists their children's activities on their own web pages.)

Sunday School - Starting with the adults in church for the 10.30am service and then leaving before the sermon for fun activities and Bible teaching appropriate to six different age groups (0-14)

Toddler Group - For 0-4s with their parents/carers, every Friday from 10-11.30am in St John's Parish Hall, Clough Road.

ABC - For 0-4s with their parents/carers, from 1.15-2.40pm on Thursdays (term-time only) in Riverside Community Centre, Parkstone Road (next to Parkstone Primary School).

Mini music group - Music and rhythm activity group for toddlers aged 0-4 and their parents/carers on Monday mornings in the Newland Christian Centre, and on Wednesday mornings in the Trafalgar Centre, Compass Road, Hull, (both term time only).

Discoverers - For years 2 and 3, from 3.30-4.30pm on Wednesdays in St John's Parish Hall, Clough Road.

Adventurers - For years 4, 5 and 6, from 6-7.15pm on Wednesdays in St John's Parish Hall, Clough Road.

Pathfinders - For years 7, 8 and 9, from 6.30-8.00pm on Fridays in St John's Parish Hall, Clough Road.

Mark 2 - For years 10-13, after the evening service on a Sunday, 8-9.30pm in the Newland Christian Centre, and on a Friday from 8-9.30pm in St John's Church, Clough Road.

Holiday Clubs for primary school children are held in the summer holidays.


For more infomation about children's activities, contact or .


'Fun'. 'Biblical'. 'Awesome'. These are some of the words people use to describe the children's and young people's activities at St John's.