Covid-19 information

last updated: Sat 28th March 12:00. Info from before last Sunday is now here.

Sat 28th March

Don't forget the clocks go forward tonight! If you forget, you might miss our broadcast service at 10.30am tomorrow. This will be a mix of prerecorded songs from previous services, with new sections from Scott and others in the church family. At 6.30pm we'll be broadcasting a different service to help us worship together even though we are separated.

For families, download our Family Worship Pack for this week, "Keep on keepin' on", using Hebrews 12 v1-6:  http://stjohnnewland.org.uk/downloads/Keep_on_Session_2.pdf

It'd be great to set aside time each Sunday to do this together.

If you missed last week's, it's here:

Fri 27th March

Melvin has written a meditation and prayer for today, "The calm in the midst of the storm." Click here to read it.

Thu 26th March

Another interesting article to read : "When Corona makes us more like the New Testament": https://thinktheology.co.uk/blog/article/when_corona_makes_us_more_like_the_new_testament

Wed 25th March

We have been contacting our Mission Partners around the world to ask how we can pray for them in their situations. Do remember to pray for our Mission Partners – events like this emphasise worries around separation from family as well as local difficulties. We’ll share more news as it comes in.

Dave & Jen Pett: "David is now working from home, Graham is getting gradually better from his gut problem but has just lost his job due to the current situation. Jonathan’s job is ramping up as everyone is desperate for Internet connections and all his wedding plans are very tricky, not knowing when things will settle down again. I (Jen) have been sick for the past week but we managed to organise two ladies' (Know your Bible) events just before group gatherings were banned. Please also pray for our elderly relatives in the UK - we feel especially far from family with all the measures being put in place making travel very hard."

Cathy & Ali Hunt: "We are in a situation similar to the UK. Our schools are closed, some cinemas and restaurants closed. People here are scared of white Europeans now because some tourists came, bringing the virus. There are only 50 official cases but the real number is probably higher. We as OMF members are not being evacuated at this present time. Many other families and teachers have returned to their home countries. We have been inside since last Saturday except for walks around the block and going for groceries and essentials. Mostly we are coping fine so far. Thank you for your prayers. We are also praying for the UK and its situation.

All religious gathering stopped here too.

Ali played drums for them today (Sunday), they used FB live, just the band and Pastor. Then this evening we joined live our home church in Scotland on YouTube."

Phil & Vicki: "Here there is increased suspicion and some Westerners are not being served in shops etc."

Derek & Jane French: "Working from home, streaming church services. Vanessa is back home in N Ireland and concentrating on translation work."

Melvin would like to recommend to folk the following link- a brilliant rendering of ‘The deep, deep love of Jesus’- for our encouragement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLTu1xv2-Us

Tue 24th March

Melvin has recorded a video message for us. See here for the video and here for the text of what he says.

Heather, Sam and Kay are putting together some videos to help us learn memory verses together! Check out the first one here which we made just before lockdown. Look out for some more to come...

https://youtu.be/3jd78BEyFXk or here on the website (scroll down and click on the video to play it).

Last night's announcement may have caused some to feel isolated, lonely, sad or fearful. However we are grateful that we are not left alone - that the Holy Spirit is with us and continues to strengthen us.

We will be continuing to live stream services and the Central Prayer Meeting, as well as putting out resources for folk to use at home, and we will "meet" in small groups using apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Zoom.

If you have specific needs, do contact Shirley via email: info@stjohnnewland.org.uk.

Melvin recommends this article from Mark Oden at The Gospel Coalition: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/things-coronavirus-teach-us/

Mon 23rd March

Melvin has written a short meditation for us: "When the centre doesn't hold". Read it here

Sun 22nd March

This morning's service video can be viewed here. The video will be live streamed again this evening at 6.30pm.

A Persian translation of the reading and sermon in this service can be viewed here.

Info from before Sunday 22nd March is now here.