What's on

Next Sunday's services
10.30am St Johns: The bread made without yeast (Exodus 11 - 12)
6.30pm St Johns: Living stones - Royal people (1 Peter 2:4-10)
9.30am St Faiths/11.00am Riverside: The great battle (Revelation 15:1 - 16:21)

Today's events Tuesday 3 May
Tuesday Group (for women) 9.45am in the NCC. Bible Study: Perished Kingdom. Creche provided

Tomorrow's events Wednesday 4 May
Mini music 9.45am at the Trafalgar Centre
Explorers 6.15pm in the parish hall
Central Meeting 8-9pm in St John's


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1 May pmHow to live as aliens1 Pe 1:13 - 2:3M Tinker
1 May amThe heart made out of bricksExo 7 - 9S McKay
24 Apr amThe bricks made without strawExo 5 - 6S McKay
24 Apr pmAngel longing1 Pe 1:10-12L McMunn
17 Apr pmA definite destination1 Pe 1:3-9M Tinker
17 Apr amThe bush that does not burnExo 3S McKay