What's on

Next Sunday's services
10.30am St Johns: Harvest Family Service and parade
6.30pm St Johns: The truth about the future (1 John 2:28 - 3:3)
9.30am St Faiths/11.00am Riverside: Harvest Family Service

Today's events Wednesday 1 October
Wednesday at 10 in the Newland Christian Centre 10-11.30am for those who are retired. ‘Sharing Jesus with friends and family’ with Roy and Margaret Carlton.
Mini Music 9.45am at The Trafalgar Centre.
Explorers 6.15pm parish hall. 
Central Meeting 8-9pm in St. John’s. Praying for Label of Love / Newland Christian Trust.

Tomorrow's events Thursday 2 October
Knit and Chat 2-4pm in the NCC.
Adults, Babies & Children 1.15-2.40pm at
Riverside Community Centre.
Globe café for international students 8pm in the NCC. See Rob Edmondson 07540 882 479.


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